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We are staffing a fulltime position as a Fiber Optic Technician. This person will be responsible for the monitoring, triage, and repair of the Fiber Optic (dark and lit) Network.

Duties include:

• Administrative support of the OTDR systems and tools

• Maintenance of the OTDR systems and tools

• Reactive response to alarms and anomalies identified by the OTDR monitoring system

• Placing/replacing/moving fiber patch cables as required by collocations partners (e.g. AT&T) and tenants (e.g. Amazon HQ2).

• Benchmark testing each fiber A-Z run and/or fiber bundle after initial installation

• Test fibers prior to activation by a partner or tenant and compare to benchmark

• Triage fiber optic anomalies identified by the OTDR monitoring system, OTDR testing, and/or customer-initiated trouble tickets

• Initiating, updating, and closing CRM tickets

• Field repair of fiber optics on the property including:

? Replacing fiber runs up to 1,000 feet with floor, ceiling, or conduit (with string) access

? Replace or repair fiber patches

? Replace or repair fiber patch panels

? Repair fiber splices and connectors

• Maintain extensive records of all OTDR systems, fiber operations and maintenance, issue information and resolution

• On call site availability

• Customer interactions, internal and external

• Reacting to network anomalies, providing technical assistance to customers and partners, and network repair triage

• Expert on the tools deployed within the location as well as fiber optics installation, splicing, connectorized, and repair equipment

• Work with complex customers including Telecommunications and Cloud service providers

Requirements include:

• Must be Eligible to work in the US without sponsorship

• 5+ years’ experience with fiber optic repair and maintenance

• Experience with commercial building management, repairs, and operations

• Experience working the business customers with a 24*7 expectation of availability

• Telecommunications experience to include a level understanding of

o Fiber Optic networks and systems

o 4G/5G wireless networks and systems

o Maintenance requirements of wireline and wireless networks

o Working with telecommunications services providers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile)

• Network monitoring systems

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for customer ticketing

• Strong customer interaction qualities

• Adaptability: Responds effectively to changing constraints; Adapts own behavior to suit the situation; Seeks to

understand the causes of change and resulting improvements.

• Attention to Detail: Able to “zoom in” to detail quickly and accurately; Checks for information and picks up on

discrepancies/mistakes; Makes detailed comparisons between similar sources.

• Reliability: Responds effectively to clear direction and follows set procedures; Solves immediate problems, escalating where appropriate; Adheres to Attendance & Punctuality guidelines.

• Results Orientation: Able to focus on important issues; Regularly refocuses on results; Demonstrates a drive to

exceed performance targets

• Systematic Thinking: Makes effective use of organizational systems and processes; Takes an organized

approach to thinking through issues; Applies learning to new situations.

• Task Management: Prioritizes tasks and monitors progress; Makes realistic estimates of time and resource

requirements; Sees individual tasks through to completion.

*** Great benefits including healthcare, health savings account, dental, vision, 401K, disability, paid time off, etc.