This salary guide can be used by both employers and job seekers to gauge current market salaries and see where you stand relative to your peers.

If you are an employer, you can use the data to determine if an increase in pay rates may be necessary to find the required skill level for your open position.

If you are a job seeker (or existing employee), you can use this information in your job search to help you negotiate your next salary.

However you use this guide, remember that salary is only one factor in a much bigger picture. Finding stability and fulfillment in your work through pay, benefits, location, work environment and the team you work with should all be considered in attracting talent and finding the right job for you.

Some things to note

  • The more specific and niche your job requirement is, the more likely it is that you will need to pay a premium for high-quality talent.
  • Location and its impact on cost of living is a major variable when considering a reasonable salary and is therefore important to take this into consideration when reviewing this guide.

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